Sunday, October 30, 2005

Edible Communities Newsletter

It's almost the end of October, therefore it is time to look at some of the October magazines that arrived at the beginning of the month. San Francisco Magazine is often filled with society fluff, but generally has a few good short pieces about the local food and art scene. October's issue reveals a new group of newsletters about locally produced food from Edible Communities. At this time, they have 17 regional newsletters, mostly concentrated on the coasts (list and map). I haven't seen an actual issue, but the concept is exciting and I'll keep my eyes open for the East Bay and San Francisco editions.

The Edible Communities Mission Statement:
Our mission is to transform the way communities shop for, cook, eat, and relate to the food that is grown and produced in their area.

Through our newsletters and web sites, we connect consumers with local growers, retailers, chefs, and food artisans, enabling those relationships to grow and thrive in a mutually beneficial, healthful, and economically viable way.

More resources about local eating :

Sustainable Table

USDA's Farmers Markets list


Eat Local Challenge, August 2005 edition

Eat Feed's Food on the Homefront podcast

Northeast Regional Food Guide

(this list has a U.S. focus, but some of the sites probably have links to resources around the world)

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