Sunday, November 27, 2005

Virtual Cookie Swap: Cardamom Butter Squares

I baked two batches of cookies for the Virtual Cookie Swap. My criteria for the swap were 1) both must be new (to me) recipes, 2) portability, 3) one batch must feature chocolate, 4) one batch must feature fruit, 5) one batch must have the recipe on-line to save me some typing.

This post is about the first batch, Iced Cardamom Butter Squares (the second one is here). The recipe was originally published in Gourmet magazine in December 2004, but I'm not sure of the context (it looks like a "readers suggest" type of feature).

The dough is simple to make. Nonetheless, it yields sublime flavors. I'm not much of a cookie dough eater, but I could have eaten a large quantity of this. They are "refrigerator cookies", so after I made the batter, I formed it into a rectangular log (with the help of plastic wrap and a cookie sheet), then refrigerated it until firm. When the dough was firm, I sliced it into cookies (see figure below), and placed the pieces on an ungreased cookie sheet. After baking and cooling, I used ziploc bags as ersatz pastry bags and zigzagged two kinds of icing across the top: one was made from powdered sugar and instant espresso powder, the other was pure dark chocolate. For me, it was as if I was filling out a rental car agreement as I wrote my first initial across each cookie.

The recipe can be found at Epicurious. A list of some of my favorite Christmas cookies is in another post.

Note: I bought my ground cardamom at an Indian Grocery for about $0.75/oz. The bottles at the grocery store are probably $3-4/oz.

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T said...

Oh wow, I'm sold! Your cookie combines two of my favorites- cardamom and butter! Lovely choice for the cookie swap!

Rorie said...

Like Tanvi, I love the cardamom & butter combo - Iwill definitely be trying these!

Marc said...

Tanvi and Rorie - thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I was able to spice up your cookie repertoire.

Ellen said...

I made these same cookies this year and loved them. Based on some of the reviews on Epicurious, I doubled all of the spices and am glad I did. And I ate lots of the dough, too - almost better than the cookies themselves!