Sunday, April 16, 2006

Snacks for the Ears

A lot of food blogging is enticing to your eyes--the photography at 101 Cookbooks or Chubby Hubby, for example--but this post is going after your ears. The internet is a phenomenal library of documentaries and interviews, so whenever I go on a long drive, I load my digital music player with documentaries to help pass the time and put new ideas into my brain. The following list contains a few of my favorite food-related audio streams. For each entry I note whether the audio can be downloaded to your hard drive or can only be streamed in real time through the Real Audio program.
  • Two interviews with Michael Pollan, one of today's most thought-provoking writers about what we eat and where it comes from. An Interview with Michael Pollan on NPR's Fresh Air (originally broadcast on April 11, 2006, stream only), and an interview and call-in with Michael Pollan on NPR's Science Friday (originally broadcast on April 14, 2006, downloadable).
  • Poultry Slam '99 at">This American Life: Compelling--and slightly odd--stories, including Duki the duck puppet, the surprizing history of KFC's Colonel Sanders, the fine line separating pets and meat (told by LA Weekly food writer Jonathon Gold), and an opera about Chicken Little. Originally broadcast on November 26, 1999. (stream only)
  • KCRW's Good Food: Good Food is the Santa Monica-based KCRW's weekly program about all things edible and quaffable. Hosted by the energetic and curious Evan Kleiman (owner and chef of Angeli Caffe in Los Angeles), the program features interviews with cookbook authors, chefs, farmers, and others in the food business. A weekly podcast is available to download to your hard drive. KCRW is on the cutting edge of the new music scene--often playing things that other radio stations have never even heard of--so be sure to check out their music archives.
  • The Eat Feed podcasts: "The food podcast that takes you back in time, across the country, around the world, and back to your own table." I especially recommend The French Flavors of Cinco de Mayo and A Culinary Passage to India. (downloadable)
  • A very short interview with Mexican food expert and restauranteur Rick Bayless at the website of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper from December 11, 2005. Bayless is host of one of the best cooking shows on TV and the author of a few incredible Mexican cookbooks. I've blogged about cooking from his books a few times. (downloadable)
  • Tequila on KQED Forum: "A conversation with photographer Doug Menuez, whose new book, Heaven, Earth, Tequila, celebrates passion, life, love, family and friendship through the spirit of Mexican tequila." Originally broadcast on November 25, 2005. (stream only)
  • The Kitchen Sisters on KQED Forum: " producers Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva of the Kitchen Sisters. Their new book, inspired by their Morning Edition series "Hidden Kitchens," reflects on the stories and sounds of communities united through food." Originally broadcast on November 23, 2005. (stream only)

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your site from the the Fat Free Vegan site (, and am so glad that I did! I've read just about your whole site now. Your posts are thoughtful and informative, and your choice of dishes is very inspiring.

I love to listen while I cook, and am always on the lookout for podcasts or archived radio programs, so this post was a delicious find.

Keep up the good work!