Saturday, February 10, 2007

Local Eating at Culinate

At the end of January, the recently launched food website Culinate posted an article about local eating by Bay Area writer Twilight Greenaway, with me among those quoted (Eat Local Challenge comrade Sarah was another). I don't know that anything I said will shift your paradigms, but perhaps my quotes will nudge your thinking in a new direction. In any case, the article as a whole is a good introduction to the issues around eating locally (ethics, availability, winter, and so forth).

If you started reading Mental Masala after May 2006 and haven't been rooting around in the archives, here are my posts about my Eat Local Challenge last May, a month in which I tried to eat only foods grown within 100 miles of my residence:

I also wrote about my experience over at the Eat Local Challenge.

Once I label all of my posts with the new Blogger's label tool, you'll be able to find my Eat Local posts with just a click of the mouse. Until then, my clunky, kludge of an index will help out a little.

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Jennifer Maiser said...

Hi Marc -

It was great to meet you on Saturday. I think you snuck out, though, because I turned around to talk to you some more and you were gone. Hope to see you again soon.