Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visit Me at Ethicurean

eth•i•cu•re•an n. (also adj.) Someone who seeks out tasty things that are also sustainable, organic, local, and/or ethical — SOLE food, for short.

This announcement is long overdue, and therefore is probably not news to some Mental Masala readers. A few months ago I joined the team at the Ethicurean blog under the nome de blog of Mental Masala. The Ethicurean is "...dedicated to thinking about food. Not just thinking about how to prepare it, or how it tastes — although those things are very important to us — but to pondering where and how it was grown and by whom, the distance that it traveled to our plate, and the less obvious effects of our consuming it."

Mental Masala will continue to be my outlet for home cooking and the usual mix of other topics; Ethicurean is where I will explore issues related to SOLE food and also rant about current news in the food world, especially goings on in Washington, D.C. In case you've been living in a cave and haven't heard about the "Food and Farm Bill," the U.S. Congress is preparing to pass a new Food and Farm Bill this year. It touches nearly all aspects of life in the U.S. (school lunches, food stamps, what farmers grow) and also around the world (e.g., subsidies for U.S. cotton farmers bankrupt African cotton farmer, corn subsidies lead to overproduction in the U.S. and a flooding of the Mexican market). That topic will be occupying much of my time until the bill is signed by the President in the Fall. The Ethicurean Farm Bill category has some background, as does this post I wrote last year at Eat Local Challenge.

Since joining Ethicurean, some have my posts have been an energy comparison of local and imported rice, how organic agriculture research is being shortchanged, funny math on trans fat labels, and Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini's visit to San Francisco. My complete list is here.

The Ethicurean is chock full of great writing, revelations of outrageous practices in the food industry, lively debate, and plenty of examples of positive changes in our food system, so check it out sometime (or subscribe to the RSS feed).

Random link from the archive: Dinner at Medicine with Elizabeth Andoh

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