Sunday, November 25, 2007

A new pizza dough, part 2

photo of a Margherita-style pizzaI gave the Jon Bonné pizza recipe another try on a recent weekend. It was a success again and is now my basic thin-crust pizza recipe.

To correct the problems I had the first time, I made two changes to my oven set-up. First, I didn't make the double layer of stones. Second, I put my oven racks on the top and bottom slots. Then I put a layer of stones on each rack. The bottom stones would be the baking surface; the top would simulate the roof of a brick oven.

I made only two toppings: Margherita (fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and fresh basil) and Parmesan cheese with sliced fennel and leek (the vegetables were braised in olive oil before going on the pizza).

For the most part, both pizzas were excellent: a crispy crust on the bottom, good flavor, the right quantity of toppings. And they looked great too: the Margherita almost looked like a pie one might see at a pizzeria -- except for a rather pale crust, instead of one that is blackened and blistered in places. Part of that is because my oven doesn't reach the 600 F and above temperatures of a commercial oven; there must be something else going on. Perhaps the thin flour coating that remains after shaping is preventing browning, or perhaps the dough doesn't contain enough oil. I'll have to look into this in my baking library.

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