Thursday, December 06, 2007

Learning to control my temper: making dipped chocolates, part 2

To see how not to make dipped chocolates, take a look at this short video starring Lucille Ball:

(here is the link for the video if the embedded video doesn't work properly)

The scene is from I Love Lucy, the episode called "Job Switching" (original aired on September 15, 1952). In the episode, after an argument about who has it worse, the men and women switch roles: Lucy and Ethel go out and get jobs, Ricky and Fred tend the house. Through a temp agency, the women find jobs in a candy factory. And, of course, chaos ensues. The next scene (also available on YouTube) is possibly the most famous scene from "Lucy," in which Lucy and Ethel are working at a wrapping station. Their domineering boss tells them that if they allow even a single piece of unwrapped candy to get into the boxing station, they'll be fired. The line moves too fast for them and they are forced to hide the pieces that they can't wrap.

Coming up in Part 3 of this series, experiences with ganache fillings

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musiklvr said...

oh man. now thats one of the funniest moments on television ever. that lucy...

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