Saturday, May 03, 2008

An odd juxtaposition in the newspaper

The back page of Friday's San Francisco Chronicle's "Bay Area and California" section had an odd -- but possibly intentional -- juxtaposition of article and advertisement.

The article (first photo below) is about how thieves are stealing guardrails, signs and other metal objects from state and federal roadways in Southern California (unfortunately, the article is not available on-line at the Chronicle, probably because they got it from the Riverside Press-Enterprise. The LA Times has a similar article if you're curious to see the whole story.).

Immediately below the article is an advertisement from Aaron Metals, a buyer of scrap metal.

Aaron Metals is a regular advertiser in the Chronicle -- and often in the "Bay Area" section, I think -- so it's likely that the location was coincidental. Or perhaps the layout editor was having some fun.

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