Sunday, January 11, 2009

The grocery bag pannier makes shopping by bicycle easier

photo of grocery bag pannier

If you've been thinking about using your bicycle to go shopping or to commute to work, but wondered how how you'll carry everything, here's something that works for me:  the "grocery bag pannier."  These carrying devices, which attach to a standard rear rack, are the size of a standard paper grocery bag and have a semi-rigid frame that allows easy access.  They also have a detachable shoulder strap when you want to carry the pannier around while you do your shopping.

photo of grocery bag pannierThe biggest advantage of the grocery bag pannier over a backpack or a standard bicycle pannier is that it has no top. This allows one to easily carry long produce, like my recent purchases of two three-foot long bunches of fennel and a two-foot long bunch of leeks. 

Variations on the grocery bag pannier are available from several sources, including REI, Jandd Mountaineering, Inc. and Missing Link in Berkeley.

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Dwight said...

what brand is on the bike in the picture?

Marc said...

Dwight --

The bike is a Bianchi Volpe, their touring model, purchased around 2001.