Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last minute Mother's Day gift idea: heart-shaped barbecue

Still looking for a gift for Mother's Day?  How about gift pack of heart-shaped Chinese barbecued meat from Bee Cheng Hiang? Apparently they are offering a special price for the "To Mum with Love" package.

I saw the sign above at one of their shops on New Bridge Road in Singapore's Chinatown during my recently completed vacation to Southeast Asia.  The shops specialize in thin sheets of pork, something called "floss" (meat or seafood processed into a cottony texture, usually used as a topping for dishes like congee), and sausage.

Another interesting thing I spotted in these shops (and many others in Singapore) were labels on many packages of foods that said "HACCP Certified."  HACCP stands for "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point" and refers a comprehensive food safety process (here is the U.S. FDA's page on the subject).  ISO is the International Organization for Standards, a group that defines the proper way to perform hundreds of procedures and how to document adherence to the procedures.  The labels seem like a way to assure Singaporean eaters that the food they are buying has been processed and packaged in a facility that is concerned with food safety, as opposed to a fly-by-night facility.

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