Monday, July 06, 2009

A new candidate for the misleading label Hall of Fame

While shopping for such goodies as corn tea at the Koreana Plaza in Oakland recently, I bought a bottle of aloe juice out of curiosity. I had tried it before and liked it, and I was probably feeling some subliminal effects of the magical aloe product that is advertised on the fringes of digital TV (11-3, the NBC sports channel, for example).

Reading the label — "No Added Sugar" — and then the ingredients — "...corn syrup, honey..." — I realized that I had run across a new nominee for the Misleading Labels Hall of Fame.  Sure, there is no added sugar, but corn syrup and honey are nearly the same as sugar and provide nearly half the calories in the drink (100 calories overall in 250 ml).

The designers of this aloe juice label clearly missed the memo that sugar is cool again:  Hansen's, for example, has been labeling their drinks as "Cane Soda" for over a year (as I wrote about at The Ethicurean, while also presenting some charts of historical sugar and HFCS consumption in the U.S.).

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