Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why are drinks in Singapore called "CoolBlog" and "SoyaBlog"?

Walking to the bus stop after dinner on my last night in Singapore in May, we passed two drink shops near City Hall with amusing names —  "CoolBlog" and "SoyaBlog"  — and a great slogan —  "Be cool with a refreshing blog." Each stand appears to make the standard collection of juice and soy drinks — blended fruit, bobo tea, chilled soy milk, and the like. As far as we could tell, there was no reference to the internet. And there is no record of the shop on the internet (according to Google and Google blog search, anyway).

After I left, my contact in Singapore went back to take these photos and asked the person behind that counter about the name.  She had no idea where it came from.


So I'm still wondering:  why "blog"? I can't think of many drink names that could be abbreviated or acronym-ized into something resembling blog. "Blended Liquid is Outrageously Good" is the best I can do at the moment. What could be the inspiration for the CoolBlog and SoyaBlog names?

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Anonymous said...

Because singaporeans as a lot are pretty unimaginative people. That's not surprising given the highly policed governed state. Everything has to be prim and proper and artificial. So when you can't come up with a creative name with any meaning, you pretend to be creative by simply taking a well used term to name your shop!